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    HR Development

    HR Strategy

    Talent target

    The company has always adhered to the mission of "creating value and serving the society", with the vision of "jointly building and sharing a safe, green and beautiful life", and adhering to the principle of "customer-centered, struggle-contributor-oriented, dream passion, integrity and pragmatism, innovation. The core values of excellence, self-criticism, and win-win with spirit.
    At present, the company has laid out three major business segments: smart cable network, smart airport and smart battery. By 2025, Far East Holding Group aims to achieve an annual operating income of 120 billion yuan and an annual net profit of 6.3 billion yuan.

    Talent management

    The company pioneered the six-power selection technique, which comprehensively examines six aspects of academic qualifications, experience, ability, pulse power, thinking power, and character power, and selects and selects talents. Among them, management cadres also need to focus on examining ideas, performance and performance on this basis.

    Talent Concept

    Far East's human resources management work has always adhered to the talent concept of "respecting people, cultivating people and achieving people", advocating the employment culture of "strive and contributor-oriented", tilting resources and platforms to those with excellent performance, and respecting the needs of employees as the premise , through the management and optimization of the work system, employee knowledge and skills training, and employee engagement improvement plans, continue to develop employee potential, achieve organizational goals, and achieve "win-win" for the company and employees.
    After years of development, the concepts of "one person enters the Far East, the whole family is from the Far East", "six sons in the family" and "six power principles" have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and have unique Far East characteristics, and have been awarded the title of "China's Best Employer" for many years.
    Focus on those who are both excellent in performance
    The company's talent management concept has undergone a transformation from "people-oriented" to "focusing on those who have both quality and performance". The company believes that 70% of performance is created by 30% of the best employees. The so-called "focusing on those with excellent performance and performance" is to tilt the company's resources to such employees. The selection of outstanding employees focuses on two characteristics, "quality" and "achievement". "Quality" refers to moral character and values, and recognizes and practices corporate culture as a model; "Performance" refers to performance and ability.
    Pinyi highly recognizes and practices corporate culture and values
    Pin 2 has noble personal and professional ethics, adheres to noble sentiments, follows professional norms, is conscientious and dedicated to his work
    A performance indicator effectively undertakes the company's strategy and completes it well
    Achievement 2 Innovative and effective working methods

    Talent Incentive

    The company pays great attention to the happiness of employees, and sets up a competitive incentive mechanism to allow employees to achieve six sons in the company and enhance their sense of belonging and pride.

    In harmony with the spirit, the world is infinite! Under the leadership of Jiang Xipei, the ambitious Far East people will build the Far East into a "modern, international, green and large-scale enterprise, an enterprise that is loved by employees and respected by the society". The Human Resources Department shoulders the responsibility of talent training, seeks progress while maintaining stability, expands while advancing, and strives to move forward towards the goal of a world-class enterprise!



    Relay 100 Program

    "Relay 100" is a special talent project launched by Far East in 2014, and it is a brand project that Far East has made every effort to build. Each year, 100 fresh graduates with bachelor's degree or above in 985, 211, overseas and professional colleges' advantageous disciplines, such as functional management, technology research and marketing, and marketing, are selected through campus recruitment. Become a core employee with high cultural identity, high quality and high skills, and gradually become the backbone of the company's strategic goals.
    At present, the sixth phase of the "Relay 100" project has been systematically launched, and outstanding graduates from various institutions are welcome to actively participate in the Far East to show their personal values, display their talents, and achieve their dreams together.
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