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    R&D Capability

    So far, the cumulative

    • 42Items
      National, Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology AwardsItems
    • 62Items
      International leading level products
    • 38Items
      International advanced level products
    • 30Items
      Domestic leading level products
    • 28Items
      Domestic advanced level products
    In the past three years, the sales revenue of new products has accumulated 23.2 billion, which has brought huge economic benefits to the company. At the same time, it is also promoting industry progress, protecting ecological resources, safeguarding national security, and improving people's living standards. Aspects provide social value.
    Authorized Patent
    Invention patent
    Participate in the drafting of national and industry standards
    Industry-specific technology

    Guided by the innovation system of "one institute, two stations, three departments, four centers, and five fields", Far East has built its strategic scientific and technological strength; continued to strengthen basic frontier research and enhanced original innovation capabilities; accelerated breakthroughs in key common technologies and promoted industrial development. The mid-to-high end of the value chain will continue to advance; the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements will be implemented in depth, and technological innovation will be fully promoted.

    • one institute An enterprise cable research institute established earlier in the country
    • two stations Academician workstation, doctoral workstation
    • three departments Equipment Cable R&D Department, Power Cable R&D Department, UHV Overhead Conductor R&D Department
    • four centers Enterprise Technology Center, CNAS Accreditation and Testing Center, Jiangsu Province Overhead Conductor and Power Cable Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Province New Special Conductor Engineering Technology Research Center
    • Five areas Smart grid, high-end equipment, smart transportation, green building, clean energy

    Quality Certificate

    Green Footprint Evaluation Certificate
    Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement Certificate
    Quality credit rating certificate
    China Quality and Integrity Enterprise
    Product Exemption Certificate


    Far East has a professional and standardized testing and measurement center with an area of about 3,000 square meters, including a wire mechanical performance laboratory, an electrical performance laboratory, a mechanical performance laboratory, a low temperature performance laboratory, a structural inspection laboratory, a bending performance laboratory, and a thermal aging laboratory. , chemical analysis laboratory, spectral analysis room, combustion laboratory, partial discharge laboratory, mixing and tableting sample preparation room, sample storage processing room, etc. The center is equipped with more than 70 testing personnel, the proportion of senior, middle and junior technical personnel is scientifically matched, and the testing and measurement center is equipped with more than 300 sets of testing instruments and equipment.
    The center has passed the national CNAS laboratory accreditation, Zhongqi measurement system certification, ISO10012 measurement management system certification, ISO/IEC17025 China qualification assessment, etc.


    Far East Cable has more than 1,600 sets (sets) of advanced production equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad
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